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Nov 12, 2020
Phosphatidylcholine: A Key Source of DHA

The Gene That Controls the Synthesis of Phosphatidylcholine via the PEMT Pathway Controls DHA Levels in the Body

Oct 12, 2020
Choline, B-vitamins and Autism

A Mouse Model of a Common Form of Autism Shows a Benefit of Supplementing Choline

Sep 30, 2020
Most Americans Are Not Consuming Enough Choline in Their Diet

Only 8% of Pregnant Women are Meeting Choline Recommendations

Sep 18, 2020
Choline, B12 and Folate are Joined at the Hip, and the Hip is called Methionine

The Interdependence of Single Carbon Nutrients and What an Elevated Homocysteine Level Tells Us

Sep 14, 2020
Can Pregnant Women Make Enough Choline to Support Their Baby and Themselves?

Choline is Especially Important for Fetal Brain Development

Sep 4, 2020
Why Do Our Genes Cause Us To Be Metabolically Unique?

Small Gene Variations from Misspellings are Frequent and May Have a Big Effect on Metabolic Processes

Sep 1, 2020
Choline, "The Mother-Substance-of-All"

Choline Identified as Important Component in Human Brain in 1865

Aug 13, 2020
What Does the American Civil War Have to Do with Choline?

Choline is Named After the Body Fluid in which it Was First Characterized- Bile

Aug 10, 2020
Why Phospholipids are So Important and Solves the Oil Doesn't Mix with Water Problem?

Phospholipids are the Molecules that Carry and Transport Fats in the Body

Jul 23, 2020
Can Gene Mutations Be Inherited and What Does This Have to Do With Nutrition?

Jul 20, 2020
Why Demand for Choline Is So High in Pregnancy

Jun 30, 2020
Do You Know That What You Eat Can Control Whether Your Genes Do Their Job Properly?

Jun 23, 2020
Are There Nutrients Other than Choline That Contain Single Carbon Methyl Groups?

Jun 22, 2020
Why Its Important to Know the Molecular Structure of Choline

Jun 22, 2020
What on Earth is a Methyl Group and Why do We Care?

Jun 21, 2020
B vitamins Play a Key Role in Supplying Single Carbon Methyl Groups for Gene Expression