Vitamin B12 uMMA Home Test
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Vitamin B12 uMMA Home Test

This at-home uMMA test kit for Vitamin B12 Deficiency is the most accurate lab test on the market. It’s a simple urine test which is easy to collect and return for a reliable and sensitive analysis in a CLIA certified lab.

4 easy Steps

What is MMA and Why?

Vitamin B12 is essential for producing energy for the cell, and when there is not enough, a substance called MMA (methylmalonic acid) is not used up, accumulates in the cell, spills out into the blood and is filtered by the kidney into the urine – where we measure it.  

MMA levels are recognized as being a more accurate way of detecting B12 deficiency than B12 blood levels – even mild deficiency. High MMA levels mean that there is not enough B12 in the cells to produce energy.

A lot more MMA is found in the urine than in blood. This makes it easier to detect when it is even slightly elevated and a more sensitive. test. It also doesn’t degrade for several weeks, so your sample will reach the lab in good time to be tested accurately.

Why is B12 So Important?

Vitamin B12 is needed in every cell of the body for the production of energy. It also works with folate to produce an essential amino acid (methionine) that is vital for your genes to produce proteins and lipids for the cell.

B12 deficiency can cause fatigue and low energy, anemia as well as brain and spinal cord problems. This can lead to difficulty with balance and walking and can be irreversible if not recognized early and treated with B12.

B12 deficiency is strongly associated with cognitive impairment and the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. These conditions can respond well to B12 supplementation if detected early.

Who is at Risk?

Vegans and vegetarians are especially vulnerable to B12 deficiency because B12 is only found in animal sourced foods. Pregnant women also need more B12  because it is needed for the baby’s brain development.

40% of people who take metformin for diabetes have B12 deficiency. This aggravates the neuropathy that is common in diabetes and can lead to serious problems. Antacids or Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) for heartburn can also cause B12 deficiency.

Bariatric surgery (gastric bypass) often causes B12 deficiency by removing the part of the stomach that makes Intrinsic Factor (IF) which is necessary for B12 absorption. Autoimmune diseases can also destroy IF causing a disease called Pernicious Anemia.