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Dec 6, 2020
Was Mary Todd Lincoln a Victim of the Forgotten Disease That Hadn't Been Described Yet?

Pernicious Anemia Could Explain It All

Nov 6, 2020
I Have to Eat What Now? Half-a-Pound of Liver? Every Day? Seriously??

How Choosing the Right Diet for the Wrong Reason Led to Solving the Mystery Behind Pernicious Anemia

Oct 19, 2020
What’s in a name..? The case of the missing B vitamins.

"That By Which We Call a Rose. By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet." William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet

Oct 9, 2020
How a Crude Clinical Experiment Exposed the Elegance of Vitamin B12 Absorption

The Ingenious Scientific Protocol That Would Never Be Approved Today

Oct 2, 2020
The First Ever Scientific Publication

The 17th Century Equivalent of the Internet for Scientists

Sep 8, 2020
Have You Taken Your Orizanins Today?

The 1910 Discovery That Was Lost in Translation

Sep 7, 2020
A Connection Between Vitamin B12 and Iron?

The Molding of Many Twentieth Centuries Leaders

Sep 1, 2020
Choline, "The Mother-Substance-of-All"

Choline Identified as Important Component in Human Brain in 1865

Aug 24, 2020
Vitamin B12 Turns Competitors into Colleagues

Competing Scientists Pool Their Resources to Crack the Vitamin B12 Structure

Aug 13, 2020
What Does the American Civil War Have to Do with Choline?

Choline is Named After the Body Fluid in which it Was First Characterized- Bile

Aug 6, 2020
Nobel Prize for Chemistry Awarded for Discovering the Structure of Vitamin B12

Nobel Prize Awarded for Characterizing Vitamin B12

Jul 24, 2020
How a Sandwich Spread Helped Scientists Discover the Cause & Treatment of Pernicious Anemia

Jul 15, 2020
How Scientists Discovered Intrinsic Factor and Its Vital Role in Vitamin B12 Absorption

Jul 6, 2020
How Scientists Discovered That The Mysterious 'Extrinsic Factor' in Liver was Vitamin B12

Jul 3, 2020
Why Vitamin B12 was Called 'Extrinsic Factor' by the Scientist Who Predicted That it Must Exist